Oma’s Suite

Sleeps 2 Queen Bed Full Bath


German for grandma, this room honors all the Omas in our lives and the long history of doughty grandmas that have lived in the house as far back as the mid-1800s. The room is as tender as a grandmother's hug, with a stately Cherry queen-sized bed and antique furnishings that give you a sense of their past with well-worn memories, but comfortable. Oma’s Suite sits in the middle of the house, as the beginning of the Bailey’s 1924 expansion, and overlooks the privacy of our side yard. Natural light, filtered through the leaves on a century old maple tree, dances amongst the walls and is suggestive of Grandma’s sweet smile and unconditional love. This intimate room features the second largest bathroom in the house with period black and white tile flooring, a unique console sink, and full size tub/shower. The room also includes a walk-in closet for your convenience.

light purple room with quilt view 1



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